Vegan Pizza with pesto instead of tomato sauce

I ate this with my friend and neighbour (lol) Yaprak at Marmara Park Lunch Box. It was so delicious, I never thought of using pesto sauce instead of using tomato sauce. This was a very nice idea.. Ooops, I’m getting hungry now :D


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WordPress for windows phone

I just tried by WordPress app for windows phone and hey it really works! :) I’m impressed :) I need to put more life in, it looks so empty.. Just wait please :)



Wow, can’t believe that it already has been over 4 months since I’ve closed Time is definitely too fast. But I’m sure everyone did notice that many .. no not many, all my posts are deleted. I could cry yea, but since that time I acclimatised. I needed to start again, from zero. Yeah.. […]