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Back to the roots. Or.. it’s more like a new beginning.

I’m feeling lost. Lost in this place people call earth. And I’m also in love with this place.

My soul is aching dramatically fast. I feel like living a billion years, but in fact – my current age is 22, and hey I’m so young!

Something is changing, deep inside me. And I don’t know what, to be honest. I just can describe that feeling of.. being.. lost and feeling so empty.

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Thank you Alex! Gonna watch it now <3

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Lovesickness … there is also ‘nes’ in ‘lovesickNESs’ ….


Had a nice evening with Charlotte, omg thank you, girl I really like you!

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Creating some new stuff. With old jeans. And to do handicrafts with a starbucks coffee trumbler.. Used instagram pics.


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Sometimes, when I’m watching every little thing around me, everything seems so pointless.

But I can sense everything perfectly clear.


It’s time to say goodbye, I’ll be right back!

It’s time to go guys, back to Dusseldorf. I’m happy but also sad in the same time. ‘Cause I love being here, I’m always repeating it over and over again but.. yea this is it. I’ll miss you mum, and also my friends!

My case is ready. And here are some photos of my room, aaaww I’ll miss chilling in my room. And as you can see.. if you’re following me well, you can see that I reformed it again! I like my room, even if it’s small, it’s exactly how I like it!


Oh yea, I forgot tidy up my stuff before I shoot these photos. Haha this is so typical for me, but hey in this way it’s more natural, isn’t it?