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My Nokia Lumia 920 and my moms Ipad Mini

I’m in love with my Lumia 920! I’m not a apple or samsung fan.. especially Samsung! Sorry but.. Samsung Galaxy Note whatever, or Samsung galaxy tablet vol 35, sorry I hate it. Samsung is annoying, and I dislike the design. Otherwise apple, I like their design. Apple did a good job when it’s about design, apps, touchscreen etc. But however, I cannot like Apple, it’s like a sect, a ‘apple-religion’ – And I can’t handle with religion ;)

Nokia is good for me, and Lumia is a result of hard work, and they deserve this praise!!

My mom always wanted the Ipad, she’s not very good when it’s about computers. And I want to skype with her, or chat with her when I’m not at home, because I hate phoning. Hmm by the way, I just  notice that I hate many things, wow! :D

So the Ipad was perfect for her. She’s happy, lol, and that makes me happy. Sometimes I’m also ‘playing’ with her Ipad, but just for watching videos on youtube. It’s not a tool I can work with.

When it’s about tablets, then I want to get that new Microsoft Surface RT! It’s a notebook but also a tablet you can take with you when you’re on a journey! But, why is it that expensive?! :( I’m just a student! In debt! Always! I cannot afford that! :(

And hey, pleace WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! Hahaha!