Queensferry was so.. cute. A place where you can relax. We visited the old guest family of my friend there, and we also stayed there for some days. It was nice, and they were so hospitally, you felt like: hey I don’t feel uncomfortable here.

This is what I like in Edinburgh, the friendly people. They’re chummy, hospitably and they always say lovely :)

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Too many photos of Edinbra, but even this is not enough! I miss Edinburgh!

It has been weeks since I’m back in Germany. After Scotland, we went to Istanbul as well. I stayed there also for 2 weeks, and since last sunday I’m back in Dusseldorf again.

Wow, traveling is nice. You learn so many things, and you see a lot of things, things you cannot describe, because everyone must experience these things on their own. 

As long as you’re young (and beautiful ;)) go and explore the world! Travel a lot as you can, because someday you’ll not be able doing all these things again.


We went to many places. This place, after arthurs seed, was also breathtaking! Must be the royal terrace, but I’m not so sure.

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I loved the princess street. You can find there almost everything!


This here is still the royal mile! :)


This is me, when I keep smiling XD

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My friend Canan, whoaaah.. I’m a lucky one for having a friend like her! She’s the best! And she’s one of the best photographers!

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We ate.. vegan baked potatoes in this.. elephant cafe? :3

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