Flohmarkt oder auch Trödelmarkt, wie man es nennt. Auf dem Aachenerplatz


Meine Mutter und Ich waren auf dem Flohmarkt am Aachenerplatz, hier in Düsseldorf. Und es war riesig, wir haben nicht einmal alles geschafft. Und nur für 13 Euro habe ich, eine Holzschale, 3 Suppenschalen, 2 Tassen, Holztafel, Notizbuch, Holzhocker, Gitarren-Lern-Buch vom Jahre 1904 und Sandalen bekommen.

Ich werde von nun an mich dort ‘auftrödeln’. Es hat so viel Spaß gemacht, überall waren sympathische Gesichter, alles war second-hand also nachhaltig und direct-trade, und vor allem das Wetter hatte perfekt mitgespielt.

Der Flohmarkt ist jeden Samstag, es läuft Live-Musik und es gibt sogar vegane Bio Pizza!

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Such a wonderful day with mom, greensleeves.


It rained the whole day long! After our trip through the Altstadt, we ended up all wet! But even so.. it was so refreshing.


My mom took some photos of me, when we was at the Theater-Museum in Hofgarten. First we tried to stay near the building, and we waited, till it stops raining. But after nearly an hour.. we figured out that it doesn’t make sense to wait.

I like her shots, I love forests, green, water and rain. And I love the sea.. but it’s far away from here.

Alas my love you do me wrong
To cast me off discourteously;
And I have loved you oh so long
Delighting in your company.

Greensleeves was my delight,
Greensleeves my heart of gold
Greensleeves was my heart of joy
And who but my Lady Greensleeves.

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Ducks are so cute! And they keep smiling all the time. Well it looks like. And we really looked alike :-) Our eyes for example :-)

And it seems like, they love being close to the water, too.



The eyes of my little Sis! (But not real sis) :)


(My mums eyes)

And I also noticed, that my eyes are alike my mom ones. Not exactly, but you can see that the structure is similar. Her eye colour is brighter than my ‘choco-eyes’, and my dad’s eyes are green. I have to shot a photo of my dad eyes, cause apart from the colours, I’m more interested in the structure of their iris. Every human has a unique iris. This is so fascinating!


and this is my left eye, the right one is more different. You can see it here in this photo.