I stayed in Istanbul, my friends flow back, but I don’t want to. Cause I love being there!

Sometimes it’s better being far, far away. Well, yeah this might be true, but when it’s about me, I’m always far. Always far from beloved people and places. I’m repeating this again and again, but to be honest – mentally, having this life routine is not that easy at all.

It’s not like traveling from one city to other. I basically live in 2 different places in the same time, these places are 2 different countries, with different traditions, cultures and well also different beliefs.
When I’m in Turkey I transform in a ‘wannabe native turk’, of course not entirely but my turkish talk is.. not that bad. People know that I’m a foreigner, but after a good conversation they also find out that I’m not that foreign, that I’m well versed, and that’s also surprising!

This is quit fun, but it’s also exhausting.

And it’s not just me. Most of my friends are the same, well that’s why we’re friends, I think.




first vegan wedding party!

omg it has been so long since my last post. So sorry. But you can’t imagine how busy I was! last week.. well I mean the week before last week, I was just working, working day and night xD

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also saturday morning! we prepared some dishes, salads and desserts for our chefs wedding party. It was fun helping and creating desserts for a wedding party, especially when everything is vegan!! But it’s also exhausting you. After work, I went to my coiffeur (found a really good place in Dusseldorf!), and then I went home, wore my dress, and after 15 minutes I immediately left my apartment, heading to the wedding. omg, this was so stressful. But it was fun, and super delicious!!


I love my friends at work!!! :)

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in trance XD



Something that never changed, everytime when I draw I feel better. It’s another way of communication, you know, a picture says a thousand words.

It’s the same with music. If you listen to a song, your mind is exploding with nearly all kind of emotions – in one second!

This is why I love art. It’s all about love.

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Hey people, my name is Nes and this is my blog! I'm 22 years old and studying physics in Heinrich Heine university in Düsseldorf/Germany, I was also studying physics in Istanbul/Turkey but I moved back to Germany which is my home. I love drawing, actually its one of my favourite hobby. I also like reading novels, watching movies, playing my PS3, taking photos, of myself and nature, specially nature because I love anything related to nature and everything around the world. I'm sharing a lot of things on nesnes.de and your more then welcome to be a part of it :)