Finally started learning guitar!


Oh no, this looks so dusty, especially with a macro shot. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely clean this. Don’t know if I’m too late or not, I just know that I always wanted to learn this. And I love spontaneity. My fingers hurts, but I need to go through.

There are things in my mind, I want to speak out. And the only language I can use for is music. I need to learn this language, or else, I’ll never be satisfied.


I’m so proud of having you, Fender!

DSC_0629 DSC_0633

It’s hard to get selfies with him. He said he hates being photographed. And I’m the little fool, who believes that he feels ashamed, being next to me by my side. Hey I’m proud of having friends like him around me.

They all are dancing in circles around me, but I don’t deserve them all. It overkills me.


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One important thing. -

‘You showed me one important thing that no one has ever been able to show me. Not that I’m beautiful, not that I’m smart, not that I’m sweet. None of that. You showed me something more important than any of those things. You showed me that I’m important, that there’s a reason I’m here. You made me feel like the world is lucky to have me. And I don’t know if anyone will ever make me feel that way again.’

DSC_0544 Kopie Kopie

DSC_0567 Kopie
DSC_0449 Kopie
DSC_0577 Kopie